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Application Post

: : Application : :

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. House at Hogwarts Elite:

4. Would you like cross-gender votes? (Votes as both male and female characters.)

5. Describe yourself in ten words:

6. What mix of the Hogwarts houses would you consider yourself? How and why do these houses best reflect your personality? If you don't know what you would be, here's a quiz that might help.

7. Think of a Harry Potter character that you admire. Describe an incident in the books where they acted in a way that appealed to you.

8. What are your thoughts on the Dark Arts? Do you think that Hogwarts is right or wrong in only teaching defense against them or should the curriculum be expanded?

9. How do you feel about making mistakes?

10. If you were a witch/ wizard and you could choose your lineage, would you prefer to be pure-blood, half-blood or Muggle-born?

11. Which characteristics bother you the most in other people?

12. What makes a good friend?

13. What is your Jung personality type? (If you don't know take this test.)

14. What would you be doing if you lived in the wizarding world? (Jobs, favourite pastimes, etc.)

15. The ultimate choice. Would you choose a brilliant career with money and pride over a domestic life with your true love - and why?

16. Add an optional photograph of yourself.

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