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This is a non-official community for members of hogwarts_elite to post an application to be rated as a Harry Potter character. The idea is that this unofficial subcommunity may bring some light-hearted joy and entertainment to the members of Hogwarts Elite in-between term moments.
If you'd like to participate, please join, rate your fellow members and fill out the application. Please read the 'process' guidelines and browse through the list of characters.

Initiave from ciela_night and graphic support by rosacrouch.

The process

  • Apply for membership of the community, which is only for members of hogwarts_elite, just to keep things tidy.
  • You shall be accepted and you will be able to vote on the applications already posted.
  • Please submit your application after you have stamped some (at least five) of your fellow students - it will make things go much smoother.
  • After you've submitted your application, it will show itself in the community in due time. (Depends on how much applications were submitted before you.)

The application

The application everyone who wants to be rated or stamped has to fill out is here.

The stamps/ characters

There is a list of available characters and their matching pretty stamps you can display on your journal here.
The stamps are currently under construction by rosacrouch.

The stamped members

All members of this community that have been stamped already, accompanied by their applications and characters are assembled here.